Private Sessions

Meditation, at its essence, is the art of and the experience of just being. If you have tried meditation without success or do not know how to begin a meditation practice, a private session with a meditation teacher may be of tremendous benefit to you. 

Some Reasons To Meditate: For personal growth.  To feel better. To let go of old emotions such as anger. To learn how to cope with ongoing stress. To calm the nervous system. To access inner wisdom. To develop intuition and intuitive abilities. To increase focus. To foster a greater sense of connection with others. To increase creativity. To practice metacognition. To exercise the brain. To develop confidence. To experience stillness. To feel connected to the body. To cope with and perhaps diminish physical pain. To feel more loving. To develop self-compassion and non-judgment.  To practice conscious choice.  To practice emotional mastery. To feel more enjoyment. To listen and appreciate more fully people you have differences with.

Disclaimer: Kristi Nimmo is not a medical doctor and does not practice medicine. She does not cure, diagnose, heal, or treat disease or emotional imbalances.  Information in the website, emails, written literature, and workshop and seminars, as well as techniques are not a substitute or replacement for qualified medical, advice, diagnosis, or treatment.mailto:engkkn@gmail.comshapeimage_1_link_0


I am so stirred by love that scarcely a drop of rain seems to touch me.

By shifting our allegiance from outer awareness to open, inner awareness we can make profound changes in consciousness.